The importance of having a real estate agency in Marbella

To begin, you have to know and know well the function of a real estate agency since when defining what a real estate agency is or what it is for, the vast majority of people are wrong.

A real estate agency in Marbella has much more to offer than the basic services of finding and visiting houses as people think, a real estate agency is all specialized advice on the market, from prices to the promotion of housing, having gone through its dissemination, in addition to serving as a guide in all the advice of legal procedures related to the purchase / sale of a property.

Choosing a real estate agency when buying or selling a property is very important since there are several reasons why you must be accompanied by trained personnel who have extensive experience and relevant market information and know how to help and guide you at all times.

According to a survey carried out by “ALFA” of 300 clients, the services most demanded and valued by buyers are: the presence of the real estate agent at the time of the notarial deed and legal and tax advice throughout the property purchase process .


What are the benefits of going to a real estate agency?

The real estate can contact the important figures in these processes such as notaries, managers and lawyers. Be backed by legal and financial advice since being specialists in real estate transactions, agents can provide you with all the advice and the process.

The security that comes with being surrounded by experienced specialists who know the sector very well and know how to navigate it. By having professionals in this field you are saving a lot of time.

By negotiating on a daily basis, they know how far they can go to achieve the best possible results, thus obtaining a more effective negotiation. A large portfolio of clients: real estate companies have a large database of people interested in acquiring or selling real estate, so they have waiting lists for certain properties and if yours matches what they are looking for they can have in a few days to someone interested.

Solution of procedures: they can draft the contract, take you the buyer’s mortgage paperwork or contact the notary (a single mistake in these steps can ruin the entire operation).


What services can a real estate offer?

In addition to being specialized in the rental or sale of real estate, a real estate agency can offer many other additional services such as the ones we are going to see below:

As we have mentioned before, one of the most demanded services is “the processing of energy certificates” since to carry out a real estate transaction they are mandatory, since 2013 all rental or sales homes must have said certificate.

Analyze the market, agencies can analyze the market to know the true value of a property and thus know if it is a good option with respect to the market.

Another service is that of asset management, real estate companies have the help of specialized managers in these sectors to increase the performance of properties looking for their potential clients to achieve the best and highest returns in the entire market.

Home staging is a technique that consists of decorating a home that needs to be sold or rented, being an investment process to leave a more presentable property for later commercialization in the shortest possible time with the highest profitability.

Advertising, publicize the sale of real estate so that the client does not have to worry about anything and thanks to the diffusion of various channels its sale is made easier.

Supervise the purchase and sale process, real estate agents know the entire process in detail so they have the responsibility to control and verify that everything mentioned above is fulfilled and supervise that all documents, contracts and deeds are legal.

A real estate agency has to strive to the maximum professionally in order to achieve the greatest satisfaction from its clients.