The real estate sector is not predictable, it changes throughout the year so any day, any place, any time, we can see new sales announcements. However, there are more favorable times to make real estate investments, such as buying a home.

From a financial point of view, every month is not good for buying a home, as there are times when prices rise significantly. A study carried out by Help Me Cash affirms that the best month for the acquisition of a home is September, due to the quality-price relationships, however there are also other very good times for the acquisition of homes such as summer since there is usually a price drop, or fall.

From a financial point of view, summer (especially July and August) has many advantages, one of them is vacations, the fact that there are vacations at this time translates into buying a home more time to dedicate so much time to it. how to visit homes and what decision to make regarding which one to choose. Another advantage of buying a home in the summer is the Euribor, analysts intuit its decline in both July and August, therefore, it assures us of relatively low interest in the short and medium term to face the purchase.

The pandemic has given us a new way of thinking so that the purchase of a second residence (a house in the country, a house near the sea, an apartment in an area that we really like), can become our best ally when We want to take a vacation, the pandemic has also affected us psychologically so it is normal that we choose a house (and if it is our best), than a hotel.

On the other hand, also if we decide to rent it it will give a lot of profitability, in the short term. Finally, it should be noted that in summer the offer is much greater and there is much more competition, there are more possibilities for negotiation so this is beneficial for the buyer.

It is likely that many of us associate autumn (September, October and November) with the return to routine, but this is not an impediment for buyers. They take it as a positive time when buying a home as they see a good opportunity to start with a good change in their usual routine. Buying a new home leads to new habits and the adaptation of a new home and even a new area. In addition, it should be noted that according to the Ministry of Development during the last stage of the year, the purchase of homes becomes more efficient, especially those of new construction.

The last quarter of 2018 was when more new homes were sold, with a total of 16,257 purchases (a notable increase as we can see since it rose 57% more than the first quarter, 30% more than the second quarter, and a 38% more than the third quarter). As for the Euribor, it is lower than ever, so the negative figures that have been registered are a very good advantage to take into account when buying a new home. Another advantage to keep in mind is that banks try to offer good mortgages during the fall. Finally, autumn is a very good opportunity to make reforms in our home since the professionals in this sector are dedicated to working at full capacity.