12 Points to Think About Before Buying a New Home

When buying a home, whether for the first or second time, there are a number of things that we must know, know or take into account since it is something that will accompany us in a large part of our life so it must be studied and measured beforehand and not be taken lightly. In addition to being sure that it is the right home for our needs, since if the area is not chosen well, there may later be dissatisfaction with the chosen area, its environment, security, proximity to the center or its communication. .


1. Is the price of the house real and fair?

One of the main reasons before buying a home is that it is affordable to the needs it covers and to know the real value of said home, although this will also depend on the situation in which the real estate market is. Today there are many pages that analyze all this data and give us more exact prices than what the buyer can normally calculate.

A home that does not follow a certain fair price and is not real will be a home that remains stagnant in its sale.


2. Am I sure this is the area to live I want?

To avoid future problems, it is advisable to take a decision time in which to visit the area in which the house is located, see how it is communicated, how are the neighbors, the climate, the environment, if it has good security and is well protected etc.


3. What factors do I rely on to know this price?

These prices are mainly based on the following:
– The value of the property.
– Area in which the house is located.
– Price per square meter of said area.
– The value of the construction.
– Price to follow for similar nearby homes
– other criteria added.

Even so, in the event that it cannot be measured accurately, there are specialists and various pages that can calculate all this cost, so it is better to be sure by professionals.


4. Is the seller the owner of the home?

You will have to have your certification of domain and charges in the property registry and in case it is a second-hand home, an authorized copy of the public deed of acquisition.


5. Are there charges on the home?

It is very important to know if there are mortgages, possible liens, etc.


6. Damage insurance

In the event that the home is new or under construction, you should know if the developer has taken out damage insurance for damages that may be caused to the building’s structure.


7. Does the house comply with the urban plans?

Ask for the urban planning certificate of the house in the urban planning management to know if the house is affected or disadvantaged.


8. The mortgage.

According to several studies carried out by experts, a house should not consume more than 40% of a family’s net income, so if the mortgage simulator calculates that it will be higher than this percentage, it is advisable to look for another home that is adapt more to the needs “a mortgage simulator allows to know the entry costs, the derived expenses and the monthly payments”.


9. Take into account the deposit.

A deposit contract is a contract that is signed when a buyer is very interested in a home and does not want another buyer to get ahead of him in this, so to speak it is a way to “reserve” that home. The most common are the penitential ones that allow you to disengage from the contract before signing the deed.

If it is the seller who cancels the agreement, he will have to pay double the amount received from the buyer, while if it is the buyer who cancels the agreement, he will lose the amount delivered.


10. The public deed.

The public deed of the sale of the home is not mandatory, unless a mortgage is accessed. Even so, for reasons of legal certainty, most citizens go to the notary to carry it out.


11. Energy certificate.

In the event that the signature of the deeds is not presented to the notary, he will not approve said operation.


12. Documentation and invoices.

It is recommended to keep all kinds of information and original documents of the acquisition of the house (such as invoices, receipts, etc.).


From our real estate agency in Marbella Villa one we offer you our point of view and we leave you these twelve points to take into account if you want to buy a home, so that it is not a traumatic process and so that you can find your ideal home.

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