7 reasons why you should choose the Costa del Sol as your home.

Every day it is becoming clearer that the Costa del Sol is one of the main tourist destinations for both traveling and living and more and more foreigners decide to buy a second home here.

The Costa del Sol not only offers one of the best climates in all of Europe but it also has a great cultural, gastronomic and communicational offer which makes it the center of all eyes when looking for a destination to move to. .

Below you can see some of the main reasons why they decide to choose this place:


1. Sun and beach climate.

One of the main reasons why it is chosen is because of its climate since it has good weather throughout the year.

In winter the weather is mild with a great probability of sun, alternating with periods of bad weather, with wind and rain, although it is rare that it becomes very cold in which the coldest nights have rarely reached zero degrees. However, southern Spain at this time is one of the sunniest areas, not in Spain but also in Europe, where the annual total of hours of sunshine exceeds 2,900.

In summer the climate is hot and sunny, usually with temperatures that exceed 28o and sometimes can even reach 40o, so it is advisable to always be well hydrated to avoid possible sunstrokes.


2. The location.

Another of the main reasons is its location since it has excellent communication both to move with your own vehicle and to take public transport since thanks to its excellent lanes you can go from one place to another without delaying a long time. It should also be noted that it has very good connections with other cities, as is the case by land with Madrid, which is a little more than two hours away by bird, as well as by air, having one of the most appreciated and best airports in all of Spain.


3. Its wonderful views

A very curious thing is that the Costa del Sol has a great diversity of flora and fauna, so you can choose from a wide variety of different views, both of forests and mountains and incredible views of the sea, where you can appreciate one of the most beautiful sunsets in the whole country.


4. Its gastronomy.

In summer millions of tourists choose this destination to enjoy its climate, its atmosphere and especially its beach bars, what would the Costa del Sol be without its famous Mediterranean cuisine, its “fried fish” its squid, sardines, paellas de fish, squid and others while you enjoy a good beer in the sun ?.

It also has a wide variety of different dishes, from its most traditional typical food to modern restaurants from different parts of the world.


5. Your people.

When traveling or living in a place it is essential to surround yourself with a good company. The Costa del Sol is full of people with “chicha”, funny, kind and friendly. This is essential since practically no one would choose a destination in which they are not comfortable, so that will not be a problem but a virtue.


6. Your leisure.

What better than to have a home in a place where if you want to go to the beach you have it in less than five minutes, but if you want to go to the mountain you have it only twenty minutes away. That happens today in few places and the Costa del Sol is one of them. And as expected in both places you can practice all kinds of leisure such as kitesurfing, paddle surfing or renting a boat on the beach or going hiking or climbing in the mountains. In addition to having thousands of different places to eat or to party.


7. The economy.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the price of these homes, which are not extremely expensive (unless it is luxury villas or some specific areas such as Marbella), so the vast majority of foreigners who They buy their second home here does not imply a high cost since their economic average is higher than the Spanish one, so it is also a factor that is reflected in daily consumption, both in supermarkets and restaurants, since in case it is Everything abroad will cost you less than in your hometown.



From Villa One, your real estate agency in Marbella, we recommend that you choose the Costa del Sol if you want to live quietly and at the same time enjoy an exclusive lifestyle on the Costa del Sol.

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