The five most important steps to sell a property on the Costa del Sol

To make sure that selling your property doesn’t turn into a nightmare, you need enough time and the necessary knowledge. Here we provide you with the necessary knowledge and the most important steps for this task.


A fair market price:

When buying a home, the highest possible financial return is always a priority.

There is a certain margin of maneuver when setting the price, but the price limits established by the real estate market should not be exceeded. For a correct and fair price evaluation, the location and condition of the property must be carefully examined. This process requires a lot of time and effort. If you have the knowledge to set a price accurately and fairly, you can do it yourself. There is also the possibility of fixing the market price on the spot with the help of a professional real estate agent. This service is paid. But this investment is generally worth it because it saves time and labor and allows you to price the home as accurately and fairly as possible.

High property prices can have the following consequences:

  • Cheaper properties nearby sell faster. Buyers interested in the area are more likely to be aware of the more affordable properties. Therefore, these competing properties will sell faster.
  • Lose potentially interested buyers. Customers interested in shopping in the area will only look for deals that fit their budget. If you set your prices too high, potential clients will not choose your property.
  • If a property is advertised for a long time for its high price without selling, this makes clients suspicious. In that case, such property is only sold in exceptional cases.
  • Therefore, take sufficient time to determine a suitable and fair market price for your property.

Home staging:

You need to spruce up your property to make it look aesthetic and stand out. It is about offering the customer the most positive shopping experience possible to induce them to be more willing to buy.
In addition to paying attention to the general condition of the house, pay attention to details such as order, lighting, ventilation and smells. These factors have a significant impact on the buying behavior of your clients and can greatly accelerate the sale of the property.

With HomeStaging, we make sure that your property appeals to all the senses of an interested customer when they see it. It is estimated that the first 90 seconds are decisive for the purchase decision. Therefore, preparing your property for sale is essential. A good home staging can also significantly increase the price of the property.


Photos and videos:

When presenting a property on the market, a good collection of photographs and illustrative material is essential so that the interested buyer can get an idea of their potential future property.

The photos should show the house and all its rooms in the most attractive and realistic way possible. They represent the property and are intended to pique the interest of potential buyers.

Another technique to capture the customer’s attention is virtual home tours. Matterport technology allows a very realistic virtual tour of the respective building.
This tool is very expensive and it is not worth it to sell a single property. But there are some real estate agencies that work with him. The use promotes a quick sale of the property.


Required documents:

Some documents are required to sell a property. For example, to show that you own the property or that it is free. We have compiled a list of required documents for you here:

  • Property title or contract of sale: This document shows the location of the property and is in the property registry.
  • Proof of identity (for example, identity card).
  • Extract from the cadastre: this document contains all the information about the property, including the name of the owner, possible encumbrances such as mortgages, affections, …
  • Property tax (IBI): The last proof of payment of the IBI must be presented. The notary can request five of the most recent payment receipts.
  • Mortgage (certificate of outstanding and low payments): If you are still paying off mortgages, you will need the certificate of outstanding debts when you sell the property. If the mortgage has already been paid off, it should be noted that the property is free of liens.
  • Energy card: This document indicates the energy efficiency and CO2 emissions in relation to the dimensions of your building. Bahía Home can do this for you.


Basic renovation

Before selling a property, a complete renovation should be considered to correct defects and make the property more attractive. Everything that needs to be renovated and the amount of effort involved depends on the condition of the house. However, some renovation work is always recommended. This includes, for example, jobs such as repainting the wall, renovating or repairing floors, replacing or removing furniture and, if necessary, replacing lighting fixtures, etc.