What you should keep in mind before buying a house in Spain

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions in people’s lives. It is normal to feel fear due to all the aspects that it encompasses, since it is a process of great involvement and involves a large outlay of the savings of a lifetime with the intention of having a more satisfactory future. That is why it is essential to understand the procedure involved in making this purchase, be it the steps to follow, the fees that must be paid during the procedure, taxes, among many others.

This is a complicated process and it can be long, but if the right precautions are taken, happiness is guaranteed. Adult content couple with African American financial adviser having meeting and talking about home loan


Some things to keep in mind are:

  • Define if it is the right time to buy a house or not: If the potential buyer is in a favorable situation to be able to carry out the purchase of a property, he must take into account facts related to the real estate market, this is due to that the prices of a house could go down or rise according to the state of the sector. Prices vary depending on many factors such as according to the autonomous community or even in different cities of the same region. That is why it is important to analyze if it is the best time to buy a house or it is better to wait a few months and its price goes down and better fits the budget.
  • Define the budget: Potential buyers must be clear about how much money they want to spend before buying a home. Ideally, the money that will be used for the purchase is 35% of the monthly income plus the savings that are had. The budget must be realistic and feasible, otherwise the purchase can become tedious and become a problem.
  • Location: The choice of the location of the new home is a fundamental factor to take into account. People may want it to be in a well-connected and central location, close to public transport, schools, supermarkets, hospitals or close to work and family. The location not only determines whether or not to have certain comforts and desires, since the price of the experience can also be affected.
  • Choosing a seller: Although there are many properties for sale, it is advisable to seek help from a professional in the real estate sector. In this way, the potential buyer will have certain security about the viability of the home in question and its legal documentation. Sellers after all seek mutual benefit between themselves and the buyer. The sector offers facilities to connect with sellers, either through real estate portals, developers, physical real estate offices, among others.
  • Determine the desired size: The needs of the buyer and the people who will live in the property must be taken into account, since this determines important factors such as the square meters or the number of rooms and bathrooms in it. On the other hand, assess certain comforts or extras such as opting for a home with a garage or storage room according to the needs you have. These aspects also influence the price of the house in question.
  • Definition of the area in which you want to live: In all cities there are different types of areas where each one has its pros and cons. Therefore, it is important to analyze the place where you want to live in case it is a noisy, commercial, family, residential, tourist area, etc.
  • Attention to details: People looking for a home must be objective and not get carried away by emotions. When finding a home that the buyer likes, he should visit it and see it in the first person. While there you must observe the correct condition and operation of the appliances and installations of the potential home. This way they will know what they are exposed to and will be able to specify what they are really looking for or need. After all, buying a home involves a lot of involvement and takes time.
  • Confirm that the seller’s papers are in order: This is an important aspect because it depends on whether the house can be purchased or not. The future buyer must confirm certain aspects such as:
    • That the seller is the real owner by checking the simple note, this will confirm that the purchase is legal.
    • The state of loads of the house to avoid carrying out the procedure if it has any load or is repossessed.
    • The technical inspection of the building to confirm its safety.
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