The evolution of the real estate sector

The real estate sector is the sector that has generated the greatest increase in employment in recent years in our country. As this is a market that is in constant movement, both in terms of supply and demand, there are more and more construction of new buildings and the increase in the price of homes. Although some think that it is a real estate bubble, more and more investors are interested in this sector.

It is worth noting the great importance of foreign investment in this country since they form more than half of the operations, with Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and France being the three countries with the highest investment rate.


How will you be affected by covid-19?

As is to be expected, this is one of the most frequent current doubts that this sector encompasses due to both labor and economic uncertainty. So it is to be expected that the construction sector is one of the most affected by this pandemic, since the percentage of real estate sales throughout the country has dropped significantly.

On the other hand, the consumer’s mind has totally changed, due to the pandemic many consumers want to change their home for a larger one and, if possible, with outdoor space, since the number of chalets with gardens has increased mainly, these being the most sought after. In addition, other types of homes that have also had a noticeable increase in their sales are apartments with urbanization, with common and spacious areas since everyone does not have the same budget.

Therefore, although the covid-19 has been a great threat for many sectors, this sector could be diminished, but it will never decline to a great extent since this sector is in constant motion and there will always be both supply and demand since it is something fundamental in the life of any person.


What conditions must a home have to be decent?

Another issue that covid-19 has made us think about is what conditions a home must have in order to be fully dignified.

Due to the time that this virus has made us stay at home, many families in confinement have stopped to think about damage that their homes could have and the good conditions that their home should have, since many of them do not comply with hygiene necessary or supplies of light and water, in addition to not being waterproofed in a correct way for humidity, mold or the great wear that certain old flooring infrastructures can have.

These are reasons that directly harm the health of the people who live under that roof, both in the long and short term, which is why it is a fundamental reason why many new developments homes have become in high demand and old ones have lost a certain value, thus making this issue one of the most prominent of the covid-19 crisis in that sector.