How to increase the value of a property

The reform of a home is always a good idea to increase its value and in turn give a more attractive and modern touch to speed up its sale or rental. Although many owners do not know if it is worth doing a reform. Thinking that the money and time invested in the reform will be wasted unnecessarily. These thoughts come because of the companies that lengthen the work time in the homes or do them badly, that is why it is always advisable to hire the construction and reform guarantee to save time and money. Since a newly renovated home increases its value and attracts more customers


When should a home be renovated?

To adapt your property to the constant advances in technology and materials, it is important to periodically renovate the building and modernize its equipment. This makes the property more comfortable and attractive for clients. This also increases its market value. In terms of aesthetics, furniture and facilities, older buildings deteriorate after about 15 years. That is why specialists in the construction sector recommend a comprehensive reform every 10-15 years.


What reform increases the value of a home?

– Kitchen renovation
The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. Newly renovated kitchens with good appliances are highly valued if you want to leave the apartment furnished. Doors, cabinets and countertops should also be restored if possible, as well as the sink and tiles if they are very outdated.


– Renovations in the living room
The reforms that can be done in the living room, in addition to changing the furniture when it is very old, are more related to maintenance reforms: painting walls, changing floors and windows, adding luminosity … an additional point that can add value to the house is to change blinds and curtains.


– Bathroom renovations
The bathroom is one of the most damaged rooms in the house. You may have damp or moldy roofs, which is very important to repair. If the sink, bidet, and toilet are very old, they should be replaced, as should the bathtub or shower. In fact, replacing the bathtub with a shower tray could also improve the floor, as it offers more space.
Another trick to add value to the house is to add another bathroom if there is space.


– Renovation in the rooms
Here there is no more need for reform than the color and the floors, although it is always recognized that the rooms are exterior or at least have natural light. Built-in wardrobes are also a plus, as well as a good bed base if you decide to furnish the house.


– Maintenance reforms
Maintenance reforms are the most important. Change the floor, paint walls, remove moisture, check the electrical installation, change pipes and boilers if necessary … These reforms depend on the condition of the floor, but they give the finishing touches to leave the house like rays of gold.

Finally, remember that a home that cares about the environment will always be valued more. Therefore, it is always a good idea to invest in insulation to avoid costs in heating or air conditioning and to equip the house with devices with the most efficient energy certificate.


– Put home automation systems
Home automation consists of turning the house into a “smart” apartment with thermostats or electric shutters. It is a great advantage to keep this in mind as it modernizes the house and has a great appeal in the market.


Some other minor reforms have also revalued real estate.

In addition to all the reforms already mentioned, there are other reforms that can also add value to the home, such as:

  • Replace the shower screen (if available) or fit a new shower screen.
  • Bring more light to the house by opening the windows.
  • Replace tiles (if any).
  • Provide new uses for unused rooms (such as small rooms or storage rooms).
  • Replace light bulbs and lamp bulbs, especially old bulbs.
  • Install solar panels to turn them into sustainable apartments.
  • Give the house a sober and modern design, its decoration does not have to be expensive, but it does have to be very beautiful.
  • In case you have to make a claim for renovation, you can make sure that it won’t hurt to get a housing project contract.


How much can the value of my apartment increase if it is renovated?

Reforming a house can increase the appraised value an additional 10% to the cost of the work. The comprehensive reform will increase the appraised value between 15% and 17%.

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