The smart houses

We already know about “Smart” appliances and voice assistants, but what else is there?

To do this, we are going to talk about home automation, which is the set of technologies applied to the control and intelligent automation of homes. More and more homes have this kind of technology. In Spain, more than 40% of homes have some smart device.

According to experts, smart homes will design devices that avoid direct contact and ensure the protection of users’ personal data.




Home automation is a reality that year after year more people implement in their homes. Next, we are going to see some examples:

  • Automated lighting with the new smart bulbs. They are easy to install and capable of interacting with other elements in the house via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In this way, you can program an on and off schedule.
  • There are also smart plugs, also known as “Smart plugs”. These plugs allow the control of energy consumption, something that is currently phenomenal in the face of the great rise in light.
  • Smart thermostats that control the heating and air conditioning system more efficiently than traditional systems. It saves energy by being able to program its functions at the most convenient times. It detects if there are people at home and activates individualized heating or cooling cycles, depending on the areas of the house. There are some that, in addition, control carbon and smoke emissions, detecting possible fires and alerting the members of the house via mobile.
  • Smart security.
  • There are models that monitor inside the house, ideal for pets when the owners are not, and models for outdoors.
  • Other models can be smart locks or doors. Using a smart device, you can open and close the doors at your convenience. It is a way to allow access to your home to family and friends, if necessary.
    You can also connect the lights with the lock, so that when you go to bed you can lock the doors, but if someone enters, the hall lights turn on, for example.
  • After the great pandemic, intelligent systems have diverted their course more towards voice and body gestures, working in a different way.


All the engineers who are in charge of making new devices with increasingly advanced technology are increasingly seeking control of your own home and the peace of mind that it can give you, even if you are far away from it. And now we wonder… what will be next?


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